20 September 2010


together; in combination or partnership;
 in common.

These two celebrated their birthday

on Saturday, September 18th

That's right...

They were born on

the same day (different years)

and they fell in love...


For the rest of their lives

They get to celebrate together

I am very jealous

If I could move Josh's birthday to

October 24th

I would

(in a heartbeat)

I love having Emily as

a sister

(forget the in-law business)

She makes my brother

So happy

I couldn't ask for someone

better for Zak...

Happy birthday Flannery Family

I kind of love you guys

(pictures taken on our 2010 New Years Day cabin trip)


Zach and Tiffany said...

I love emily too!!!

EmandZak said...

your kind of really nice....