22 July 2010


a day marking or commemorating
the origin, founding,
or beginning of something

So many of my

important people

are getting older and


this time of year.

I want to celebrate them

in every way that i can and for as long as possible

because not only do I believe in

recognizing and celebrating


I understand the importance of


In fact, I happen to be the biggest supporter

of celebrating birthMONTHs.

Mostly because I believe in

celebrating people who are worthy of praise.


The people who are featured below are

most definitely worthy of all the praise in the world.

(Trust me)

Miss Taylee Blake

My only niece turned 9 on Tuesday

Kellie Kae

My Favorite Friend turns 23 on Saturday

Miss Tawni Henderson will be 23 on the 27th

(Brooke, TAWNI, Critter)

My marriage turns one month

on 08.01.10

Cara Woodbury-Stewart turns 23 on August 2nd

I miss you

Joshua H

My Best Friend will finally be 


 on the 

third of August

Mr. Kevin Guy

My dad will celebrate his birthday on August fifth

Dr. Duane Farley

Last, but not least, My father-in-law

Will celebrate his

24th year of marriage

 along with the day of his birth on

August 16th


 to all of you

who are celebrating a birth- day, week, month

this time of year.

I salute you.


Zach and Tiffany said...

Shanae! Is that you? You got married! :) Wahoo. I hope everything is going well for you!! Glad you joined the blogging world haha.

Kaley and Jeremy said...

I wish I had a July birthday...

Or that you knew mine...


Ninja's said...

Tiffany! HELLO!!! I don't know where you went? You got married and got out of Davis County didn't you?

March 3rd. March 3rd. March 3rd.

Zach and Tiffany said...

We left and came back and left and came back! haha..We lived in Dallas then Ephraim for college then DC and now we're in Bountiful for good! Zach sold securities for a couple summers but finally got out of that. Where are you living now? Crazy how fast time has flown by!

Ninja's said...

How fun! I bet it was fun living in Dallas and DC? Maybe not Ephraim. Jk. I love Bountiful. I'm glad to hear you are back! Josh and I live in Farmington....ha yeah we really love it here :)

Zach and Tiffany said...

haha...surprisingly, I loved living in Ephraim but am glad it was only temporary! I felt so out in the middle of nowhere sometimes, but the college was fun! And I love farmington too. I didn't want to live right in Kaysville, so Bountiful has proved to be the perfect place!

Spencer & Cara said...

I'm still waiting on my picture.... Just FYI. Love you. Miss you. Come visit.

Ninja's said...

Cara? How much do you love that picture?


Spencer & Cara said...

Hahahahaha dude. Epic. Truly.