30 July 2010


Unknown to others.

There is an app on my phone that
is much like a yellow pad of paper
j discovered this app
long ago
he leaves me secret messages there sometimes
Perhaps when I have been
particularly good
Sometimes I discover these secret love notes
within hours of when they were written
and on Occasion...it takes me weeks
No matter when I find them,
they always make me happier than I was before

Originally, I had some of my favorite
notes typed up and ready to share...
But I realize this would make them
very much NOT secret
So. I will pass on broadcasting his
secret love notes
on my blog.

Instead I will share a secret of mine with you.
It really is no secret.
But rather a secret message to my josh.

I love you. More than everything.
Thanks for being funny. And tall. And nice.
I like all of those things.
Love, me.

It's true. I love and like my husband.
Tell your friends.

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