26 September 2011


a soft, strong, waxed or unwaxed thread,
 usually made of nylon,
for drawing between the teeth to remove food particles
 and prevent the buildup of plaque.

When people post gross things on their blogs

Like about baby poop?

I can't handle it

So bail out now if you must

I have recently discovered the importance of flossing

(yes. I am 24)

And have committed to floss everyday

Got it?

That's hard.

Do you floss?

You should

I wish I loved flossing like some people do


This week we are watching Liam and Killian

And last night

Liam pooped dental floss


Not something that looked like it--

But actual dental floss came from his bottom

Josh had to deal with it

Because flossing teeth is pretty much all I can handle

It is absolutely critical to note that:

I use flossers

Not the pull-out-as-much-as-you-please-and-make-your-fingers-turn-purple variety

So this wasn't MY floss in his body



 Explain yourselves!

(no gross picture--don't worry)


KellieKae said...

this post is disgusting but the picture is cute. Liam is cute too even though he ingests floss.

Brooke and Jonny said...

Wait, how did you see the floss? Did you pick apart his diaper? People always say crazy things they find in diapers but I never look at it long enough to spot anything...maybe I should start to. It would probably make for some equally gross posts....

Adrienne said...

That's Awesome! That you are trying to floss everyday! I don't even do that! Good job Blake and TeAnna for flossing too! That is scary that poor Liam ate it! Good thing it came out! He must have been hungry! Lol.

Rachael said...

I am obsessed with flossing every night before bed - I heard from someone that it is more important than actually brushing your teeth!

Kelli K. said...

the doctor that is always on CNN says that it increases your life by like a year if you floss at least once a day... reducing inflammation and disease.


Kaley and Jeremy said...

What up--I've flossed to days in a row now! I hope I don't wind up in the same boat as Liam...crazy things happen when I get tired...