07 December 2010


a position or situation from which there is no escape;

It has been my experience, thus far
That all men suffer from the same problem
A problem that I believe to be innate
Perhaps it is the final component that completes
The Y chromosome
A problem I like to call:
 The Man Disease
This disease is best described by an example
Here is my favorite one:
A guy will stand, staring into an open refrigerator
For several minutes...looking for a particular item
(usually a condiment)
It will take him a fair amount time before
He finally asks the nearest female
"Hey, where is the sour cream?"
The female will walk up and-- 
without even glancing in the fridge,
Pull out the sour cream and walk away
Leaving the man completely dumbfounded
And utterly convinced that women are magicians
I try really hard to think this disease is cute
But frankly, it is mind boggling
...Then I remember that I can't dunk a basketball
And that somehow makes everything equal in my mind


Kelli K. said...

bwahahahhaah... agreed... love this. Such a talented writer friend.

Rachael said...

Hahaha - I love your posts

Jota and Corter said...

hi·lar·i·ous Adjective   /həˈle(ə)rēəs/

adjective: merry, jolly, jocund, cheerful, joyful, blithe, cheery, jovial, sprightly

-Extremely amusing
a hilarious dialogue from characters we never meet again

-Boisterously merry
an old man was in hilarious conversation with three young men

Yes, I just copy and pasted that, but that is what this post means to me!

Brooke and Jonny said...

Oh my word story of my life!!!! It drives me nuts that Jonny never looks for anything. Without even taking his eyes off the TV he says, "Hey babe where Daxton's binki?" me, "Uh hey moron it's right in front of your face" GRRRRRR ha ha love this post

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I wish I could dunk...

Jenna and Jace said...

I think I'M the man in my relationship with Jace...... I'm always the one lookin' for stuff....shucks