16 December 2010


the Christmas season;

We have a Christmas tree
It has been up for a few weeks
We did it together
Sort of
Josh put the tree together
 Made sure all the lights were working
Then played on his computer
 While I decorated the tree
And listened to music
That system works for us...

Yes...We finished Christmas shopping early
If only that meant
 we could open them early...

The only ornament Josh noticed on our tree
Easily his favorite

I have two favorites.
 They are both made of felt...
This is one of them

...And this is the other.

Our stockings
 Mine is the green one
Stockings are the best part of
Christmas morning
No question

Only 9 days until Christmas
I'm so excited
Happy Holidays


Kaley and Jeremy said...

Whoa who says you can't open them early? You are your own family now! That can be your tradition...

Our first year being married we opened our presents a week early. :)

Rachael said...

Cute tree! And your decorating scenario sounds strangely familiar.. I recall Tyler sitting on the couch watching my sister and I decorate the tree. Only Josh is a step ahead because Tyler didn't even SET UP the tree. Ha!

Jenna and Jace said...

Thanks for sharing, Shae. I agree that stockings are definitely the best part; I love your tree!

Brooke and Jonny said...

I have already worn part of my christmas from jonny ha ha. Your tree is beautiful btw