02 November 2010


possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin;.
not counterfeit; authentic; real.

Little Josh was right about my Josh

He really is

The Ultimate Ninja Warrior

During my STAR birthday week

I worked a short, four-hour, night shift

Josh was studying when I headed to work

Long before I got home, he left to play basketball

He must have only been alone at home for 2 ish hours

(These facts are pertinent, trust me...)

I walked into our house after work

I knew right away something was different

(I have some Ninja in me too)

I stood in the kitchen and

looked over everything

I couldn't decide what had changed

I spotted an item that was out of place

This item belonged in our pantry and 

wasn't on our counter earlier...

So I opened our pantry

To put the item away

 ...and I found something exceptional

So exceptional--that I had to sit down on the floor

And admire my husband's handiwork

While I was there I tried to figure out how/when he did this:

 To understand the significance of this picture

You need to know that when our home was built

The awesome builders put

Three wire shelves mistakes in our pantry


I can't work with that

I mentioned to Josh--one time, a long time ago

That I wanted him to redo our pantry for my birthday

Did I think he would actually do it?

No way.

I got Ninja-ed

and I love(d) it


The Spencer Farley himself said...

He's wearing a polo shirt, he's not a ninja. You two come talk to me, I'll teach you about ninjas. I know a thing or two about ninjas.

Brooke and Jonny said...

It's funny how handy the men in our life become over time. What a great ninja you have snatched. I sure wish Jonny would catch all the many many clues I drop for him to do around our house =)

Christee and Austin said...

Can I just say how JEALOUS I am? You are one lucky Ninja! But of course you deserve it! From the moment we moved into our house I had visions of having our pantry re-done (agreed the builders did a horrible job), the laundry room and all the walk in closets. But now I have a full time grad student so I'll have to hire someone. Maybe a Ninja...

Rachael said...

What a nice husband! :)

The Davis' said...

That is so cute of him! I love when husbands do sweet things like that! Happy birthday!!