23 November 2010


an experience or disclosure that gives one a
 sudden realization or understanding:

I heard somewhere that people don't watch

 videos if they are longer

than 3 minutes

Guess what?

I do.

And I think you should too

At least this one time

I promise it will be worth it

*I prefer to watch this with the sound muted-maybe it is just me?*

This clip moves me

My heart aches

 and my problems seem trivial

Happy Thanksgiving Week

1 comment:

Kaley and Jeremy said...

It is good to see things like this to remind us how lucky we are.

We were at the beach in Ecuador and this little old lady kept watching our table. The second we stood up to leave, she came and took every scrap of our leftovers. Here we are vacationing in a foreign country and she is taking food that strangers had left in order to feed her family. It left us all in a somber mood. We are so blessed.