17 November 2010


greatly loved; dear to the heart.

These beauties came to my front door Monday morning
I love them so much--I want to sleep in them.
Now I swear I'll start shopping for other people.



The Davis' said...

haha we haven't changed! You must tell me where you purchased these beauties! Lately I've been looking at aldo, anthro, nordstroms...and no luck really. Help!

Spencer & Cara said...

These are smokin... Nice choice.


p.s still waiting on an email reply :)

Ninjas said...

Mrs. Davis-I bought this from Nordstrom--but I had to order them online because they weren't in the store anymore. It said they weren't going to ship until the 15th of Dec. But I ended up getting them a full month early! Awesome.

Cara-I am writing you today!