09 November 2010

Star. Birthday.

a person's birthday when they turn the age of their birth date.
Example: 24 on the 24th

My Star Birthday fell on a Sunday
The same Sunday that we had our Primary Program
Those are always awesome
Except when you have to sit on the stand
That makes them a lot less awesome
I got over it pretty quickly because we had 
a "Nothing Bundt Cake" (red velvet, yes) in Sunday School
Then headed to my parents house for dinner

We kinda match...weird.

They totally match...

Jacki told Killian to look cute for the picture--
This is how he does cute
I wish she would have told me to look cute...



I swear I am (pretty much) done
Reliving my Birthday
 Speaking of birthdays...

Happy Birthday Parker Reese Yates


EmandZak said...

Sorry i missed your star birth sista. I would have worn my ute shirt that has the baseball style T. just like you....then we would have had a gay ol' time matching.....haha. But seriously. we should wear them together sometime?! we would be LIKE so cute. jk

Ninjas said...

I'm afraid my shirt isn't a Utah shirt...No. It is a Street Dogs shirt. But we'd still match? haha.