08 November 2010


an especially appealing or appetizing food or dish

Joshua took me to The Roof for my birthday
I hadn't been there in the longest time
But now I remember that I love The Roof
And I want Josh to make up more reasons to take me there

I love food and Josh

Great birthday night for me



Heather said...

Happy birthday! You two are seriously one of the cutest couples ever. I am glad he spoils you a little with things like the roof! What a nice guy!

KellieKae said...

I just had a panic attack because i realized you are married... It happens sometimes. Good thing I like your husband or else this panic attack would come more often I think. I like you two.

Brooke and Jonny said...

I have never been to the roof! One day...

Ps you look beautiful!

Kaley and Jeremy said...

He is pretty good...for a Ute fan.

SPEAKING of which, amazing how one game will humble you fans, eh???