30 November 2010


a difficult problem to be overcome;

Enough time has passed since

 The nerve-wracking events of November 21st

And I think I am ready to talk about it


Josh and I had to speak in Sacrament meeting

As adult speakers, not as youth speakers

I've never done that before

I had to stand up there for 10+ minutes

I don't even remember what happened

Josh wasn't even nervous

I felt so alone

I am not cut out for that type of thing

I embrace the fact that

I will never be comfortable with public speaking


However--I lived to tell about it

And thank heavens for that

Accomplishments such as this are important

And thus, speaking in sacrament made my list

That's right, I have a list

 It is a list of 24 things

That I want to accomplish before I turn 25

Since we were approached on my birthday

By a member of our Bishopric

To speak a month later

It was weighing on my mind

and provoked me to start my list with:

1. Speaking in Sacrament


Be proud of me

Oh and here is my reward for crossing something off my list:

I think the obsession with Salt and Pepper shakers runs in my family.

I am the black ninja

Because I like pepper

and because I am excellent with the ninja star



Kelli K. said...

I LOVE THOSE SHAKERS!! Good Job on speaking in Church!

KellieKae said...

You act like you didn't have monthly practice of speaking in church growing up. I am still upset at you for not letting me come. Next time (which i'm sure there will be a next time) I am not listening to you and I am coming anyway. I see ninja stuff a lot lately. I will start to note down what it is and where so I can pass it on to you.

Rachael said...

I am glad to hear you survived!!

Jenna and Jace said...

Cute shakers. I love that there is Kelli K. and KellieKae.... hope you're doing well!

The Davis' said...

I am oh so proud of you! I feel the exact same way!