03 March 2011


Kaley is a special kind of girl.
Shes not like any other.
She's pretty and smart.
She'll appear "hard as nails", but inside she's a real softie.
She will never show that you got to her.
True to her friends, and will not take any crap from anyone.
Shes a great person.
She'll stand up for her friends no matter what,
and will always be there for them.
Likes to have a good time.

I like Urban Dictionary because it defines names of people

And sometimes they actually get it right.

Which is impressive.

Kaley is very smart + pretty

And she does come off "hard as nails"

But if you know her?


She can't fool me.

But what Urban Dictionary forgot to mention is...

Kaley is funny

Super funny

And also--she is a germ freak

Those things need to be included

in her "definition" of sorts

But guess what?

Today is her birthday

and she is 24

Which happens to be my favorite number

And my favorite age so far

So I am pumped that she gets to be 24 with me now

Happy Happy Birthday Kaley

I think you are pretty special



Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Kaley!! I agree with you Shanae - she is pretty special!

Kaley and Jeremy said...

This made my day!!! Really, you are so sweet and thoughtful and an AMAZING friend! Thanks for everything :) Love you!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Are you sure her birfday wasn't on the 7th? Cause that's the day I called as sang to her...thinking it was her birfday...


Ninjas said...

Oh Kat...At least you tried? That was really thoughtful. I am sure she loved having her birthday extended...I know I would!