24 March 2011


appearing or happening at irregular intervals in time;

Sometimes work goes by super slow

And sometimes work sucks

Let's face it

Some days are particularly dreadful

Like this one

But guess what?

Lots of times--on my bad days

 A friend randomly drops by

To say hi

And sometimes they bring me a treat too

I love treats of all kinds

BUT the crazy part is...

They don't even know

That I am having a bad day

See...I have always believed in intuition

But this is like frientuition

And I think it is super awesome

I think friends are super awesome

And so is diet coke



Brooke and Jonny said...

I wish I were the one you were talking about but unfortunately it has been far too long since I dropped one of those bad boys off at your work. Looks like we're due for a visit

KellieKae said...

Favorite frientuition. Diet coke makes life better. Im glad I'm in Farmington on your bad days :)

Kaley and Jeremy said...

Ditto what Brooke said. I used to be better...