26 July 2011


mild and refreshing; soft; soothing

The last four mornings

I have woken up to this:

And I have slept next to Josh right here:

This part

The waking up part

Was calm

And peaceful

And I felt like I should do yoga

But I didn't

Because there was a river to be run

And run it we did

But that is for another post

Right now I just want to remember

The beauty that I relished in

With people that are important to me

Mostly this guy:

The Salmon River is ravishing by itself

Then Josh stood by it

And it became even better somehow



Kaley and Jeremy said...

Looks beautiful. I'm very relieved that you survived! I was worried about ya.

Irish Crew said...

You didn't mention how refreshing the down pour was....haha...J/K..next year we need to do a morning Yoga session...All of us, even the guys..can you imagine Blake doing Yoga :)

Ninjas said...

Shhhhh! I am trying to pretend that didn't happen! Ha. Blake doing yoga is something I need to see before I can die happy.

Rachael said...

I second Kaley, and I am glad you survived! I'm pretty nervous about getting out on the river this weekend & I am pretty positive it's not even as scary as your trip! haha