20 July 2011


a person held in great esteem or affection.

For as long as I can remember
Kellie and I have been writing each other
Notes. Emails. Letters. Messages.
And somewhere along the way
We started writing these mini confession type blurbs
Where we write whatever is on our mind
Everything and anything
We share things that are real
We tell the truth
I don't know how or why we started doing this
But I really love it
And I love her
It is her birthday week
And I wanted to write to her
So I am
In our signature style

I wish I wasn't addicted to diet coke. I wish I read more than I do. I wish I could read all day. Really. I hate my cowlicks. My teeth keep moving. I am scared I might have to get braces again. I'd never actually do that, though. I thought once I graduated high school, magically I would never get a zit again. SURPRISE. I was so wrong. Sometimes I fight with Josh. I think it is healthy. I think people who say they never fight with their husbands are liars. Almost every day I have the same primary song stuck in my head. I sing it at work. I know it isn't on tune. Or even close. I don't care. Hiking is important to me. I can't think of a single food that is better than pizza. Pizza is divine. I don't remember the last time I bought a pair of jeans. Or the last time we ate sushi together. I don't like not being able to remember things. I've completely given up all hope that I'll ever be a person who keeps her car clean. It just isn't in the cards for me. Sometimes I'll be alone for hours in complete silence and not even realize it because my mind never fails to find something for me to think about. My most common thought is: I love josh. Weird huh? Weird that I think how I love him. I pride myself on being a fabulous judge of character. But sometimes? I think I might judge wrong. But at least I got it right with you. And josh. Husbands and best friends are good ones to get that right with. I am going to stop here. I love you. The end.

I loved this moment.
(12 going on 21)


Thanks for being 24 on the 24th

It is my favorite number

It looks great on you



Rachael said...

Happy Birthday to Kellie!!

EmandZak said...

i like your conversation's, they make me feel good,better,the same. I'm glad you think about josh as much as a think about Zak, you would think it was kinda obsessive.....haha wouldn't you? But i guess maybe I'm just obsessed. Anyways, happy birthday kelly, love that woman.

Witter and Kway said...

Ahh, you guys are two peas in a pod. Love you girls!

Brooke and Jonny said...

I really enjoyed your blurb. Funny I have those same thoughts frequently, well minus the Josh and + the Jonny. Happy Birthday week Kellie!

KellieKae said...

I love my FF. She is a rockstar. She is a ninja too. She really doesn't know how to keep her room or car clean and I like her for it. Messes sometimes add character. Sometimes I get in fights with josh too, In my mind i fight with him that is. We fight because he gets to see you more than I do. I smell my clean clothes that I know are clean before I put them on. I just like like to extra sure. The thought of being 24 gives me a stomach ache. One day I hope to fight a real fire in a real firewoman suit. I want to shave a sheep and make my own sweater out of it and wear it lots when it snows outside. I have an awesome best friend. Come visit me. I am listening to a concert from my balcony at Waikiki. I love you.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

This is good. Real, real good I have those obsessive thoughts, but about Rrrosa and my bird, Hugh, and the Jazz. So pretty much the same thing. Happy 24! Welcome to the club, we're happy to have you.

KellieKae said...

I must apologize for the typos in my post... It was written on my phone. Sorry.