14 July 2011


a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts;

This guy is kind of
Important to me and Josh
He sort of is the one who linked me to Josh
And Josh to me
That being said...
Tyler wasn't super keen on
The whole Josh and Shanae thing
Which is understandable
His two close friends...getting together?
Worst. Possible. Situation. Ever.

Or so he thought
Until he realized that there couldn't be
A situation that worked more in is favor
We both love him
A lot
And understand him
Josh doesn't have to try to convince
Some other girl that Tyler is cool
(it would take some convincing)
And I don't have to try and explain
To some random guy
That boys and girls can be friends
It worked out really quite perfectly
For all of us

Right now Tyler is in Texas
Which sucks
Because we don't get to see him
Or his really amazing girlfriend
But this picture of him makes things easier
He is wearing a matching sweatpants and sweatshirt!
You don't get more punk rock than that
This pictures secures his spot in my
Fav Five

Tyler. Is. Neat.


KellieKae said...

Love this post. Love Tyler. Love his sweat outfit. Love you.

Jennifer elizabeth said...

i know tyler liked this. and you now have a new blog follower :)