20 January 2012


firmly fixed; deep-rooted; inveterate
 deeply impressed or instilled

I have this thing for Mexico... 

And it isn't my fault

It is my parent's fault

They are the ones who showed me the beautiful place

They sparked my interest in the history and the ruins

They taught me about the Mayan people

 They took me to Santa Rita

They showed me how similar people are

 Regardless of what language you speak or where you sleep at night

They made friends down there and I followed in their footsteps

It feels as though we have family in Mexico

And well... I love it.

So when my parents decided to take me and Josh and Zak and Em 

down to Akumal right after Christmas?

I was elated

Our week seemed to be over in the span of one day

It's because we were having lots of fun

Emily and I put our feet in a fish bowl

and let dozens of little fish feed on our dead skin

K, Z, and J went on a deep sea fishing trip and on a diving trip

T, E, and S read on the beach and found really fabulous purses

We visited Coba and a secret, perfect, cenote

Zak ordered alcohol

Tam and Kev wouldn't leave the pharmacy

Things got crazy

And I wish we were still there...

I. Want. To. Live. There.

PS: My super cool brother-in-law Spencer?
He gets to serve a mission in Mexico. 


Brooke and Jonny said...

It looks like Heaven. I would like to know more about this Alcohol craziness, you have got my attention on what I would imagine is a great story!

Tyler said...

I am very jealous of this. I loved everything about that area we were able to visit with you guys! You guys are lucky to be able to visit so often!

Kaley and Jeremy said...

You let fish nibble on you?!? Please tell me I misunderstood!

KellieKae said...

Can I move there with you??? I know you have a husband and stuff but we can all three move there? I'm confident enough to be a third wheel. Think about it.. I would be awesome.

Spencer said...

If Josh dies I've got first dibs on that shirt.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Kel, three's a crowd! Why don't I move with you and we can be the 2 cutest couples in Mexico. WE would be awesome.