11 December 2012


to change from one naturesubstance, form, or condition into another;

This nice lady took some maternity pictures of me
When I was 33 (ish) weeks along
It's weird to post pictures of yourself
I get that
And I feel weird
But there was no way Josh was going to be in the pictures with me
And I want to remember this time
So my baby said we could do it, just the two of us
Plus I want to show you how talented my sister-in-law is
Oh and I think I could have my baby any second

How weird was it?


Rachael said...

How cute are you! Man, pregnancy looks gooood on you! Guess that means you should have lots of babies! :)

Kelsey said...

not weird. so so cute and not weird. you are adorable.

Cortnie Bain said...

I have missed your blog. So glad you posted. You look great! Can't wait for you to be mom! It is the best ever

Kaley and Jeremy said...

You look fab as always. So glad you posted these pictures!