20 September 2013


a person or thing of striking excellence, 
 beauty, achievement.

So like, normally new moms
take a week or two to "snuggle" their 
brand new babies--before introducing
them to the (blogging) world
Yeah. Right.
It took me just over 9 months to 
come up for air and document
the incredible, life-altering moment 
when Josh and I became parents

People of the World Wide Web (hi Kaley),
Meet my favorite baby--

Locke DeSpain Farley

7 pounds, 7 ounces
21 3/4 inches long
A mover and a shaker from day one



Kaley and Jeremy said...

Bahahahaha, thanks for the shout out. Your kid is kick.ass. I love him. And can't wait until the day you FINALLY let me watch him!


Kelsey said...

Love seeing this boy grow up on the WWW and insta.

Irish Crew said...

It's about time! We really need to blog more!!