23 May 2011

Golden. Cathedral.

The Golden Cathedral is a unique hiking destination within
 lower Neon Canyon in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area.
  It consists of a great, domed pour-off from upper Neon Canyon,
 where the water has dug three separate pothole arches into the overhang. When the sun is overhead,
 the daylight shines down through the arches in great, golden columns.

Zak and Emily are really great hikers
And my Josh has an unlimited supply of stamina
It isn't fair
I got my butt kicked down in Escalante
But I loved every second of it
We had to cross a river SEVERAL times
To get to the Golden Cathedral
Other hikers on the trail told us there was
NO way we could cross the river
It was too high and moving too fast
But we crossed it with ease every single time
Here are some pictures of our hike:

I love Southern Utah
Let's. Go. Back.



Spencer & Cara said...

Look at you being an awesome little outdoors woman! I'm in the market for some new hiking boots, any suggestions?

P.S. Your hot... Thats all.

Your long lost friend

EmandZak said...

We are sweet.