25 April 2011


to turn one's eyes toward something or in
 some direction in order to see

These are my dogs
Even though I don't live with them
Anymore--they are still mine
We get to babysit them a lot
And I love them
Maggie and Indie are the coolest dogs
I have ever known
I need to get my very own
Boston and have these ladies
Show her how to be awesome
Check them out...

They wear spiked collars
But don't let them fool you
They are still lady-like
Lady-like and freaking awesome.
I love them. That is all.

Good day


Brooke and Jonny said...

Remember that one time that one of your dogs ran across your family room with some underwear in it's mouth? and it headed out the back door? Did we ever tell you about that? ha ha

Tyler, Carrie, Bridger, and Calli said...

I have loved that Maggie from day one, Indie I dont know that well, your dad doesnt bring them to the office very often so I miss them, give them a love from me