07 April 2011


having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar or honey

I like to bake

And guess what?

I am getting better at it

I am starting to branch out a bit

Starting to injure myself less

Stuff like that

So over the weekend I made two

Fabulous things

But I can only count one as actually baking


My Upside-Down Cake Cupcakes

I love Upside-Down Cake & I love individual servings

So this was meant to be


I got the recipe from here
Make sure you read the reviews--the lady messed up on her star rating

Oh and I made Sticky Buns:

If you haven't had these before...we need to talk

They are so easy and so so so good

I wish I had them still...


jenna said...

mmmmm sticky buns are my favorite! The cupcakes look awesome too!

Brooke and Jonny said...

Um you think sticky buns are EASY!!!!???? I really struggle at them, every time I've made them I've smoked out my house. But you are true, they are so delicious!! I think you should put both recipes on our recipe blog....

Tyler said...

Clearly we need to talk! Those both look amazing!

Rachael said...

YUMMY!! Bake me some? MmmKay thanks! :)

Kaley and Jeremy said...

Seeeeeee, you do cook! Mmmm they both look delicious.

Please do put the recipes on our recipe blog.