09 December 2011


full of exultant joy; merry;

The other night

Josh and I ran to the gas station

To buy treats for a movie

Josh: Cheetos

Shanae: black licorice

As we were heading home...

My breath was ripped from my throat

My words were taken from my tongue

For this is what I saw: 

A Coca-Cola truck fully illuminated

Christmas trees

Holiday music

The Coke bear and free photos

God smiles down on me from time to time my friends

See we had tithing settlement earlier that day

And this was my gift from above

Josh wouldn't get a picture with me

So I made Ade and her kids drive out

Because a grown lady can't go by herself

Plus I knew the kids would love it

And love it they did

They even got to write Santa a letter on COKE paper

It was awesome.

Go open a bottle of happiness. 

My. Christmas. Miracle.



EmandZak said...

hahaha i love this whole post. dearly.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

this. is. incredible. seriously, my christmas paradise.

Kaley and Jeremy said...

I am so bummed I didn't see this!!! And frankly a little disappointed you didn't call me to go... :)