21 December 2011


Endowed with or characterized by a hearty,
 joyous humor or a spirit of good-fellowship
Joyful. Merry.

Do you know what is cool?

 This is cool: 

I'm serious

This was the coolest Christmas party of the year

Funny company 

With some fabulous cider

Courtesy of Kat and Becca


Other cool things that have happened this month: 

Miss Emma Jane went to her first dance

 (and looked absolutely stunning)

Mandie and I had a picture together

Super cool

This was taken at what turned out to be the last Bunco

(Bunco RIP)

And finally...

TODAY is this guy's 1st birthday

I love him

I can't believe he is one

I can't believe he is so awesome

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Christmas is in 4 days

It is suppose to snow a little

cool. cool. cool.


Rachael said...

RIP Bunco :(

Kaley and Jeremy said...

It's always a surprise to see your picture on someone else's blog when you aren't expecting it...and then to see your laundry room too? This post caught me totally off guard. And I loved it.

Chris and Brooklyn said...

I hope I run into you sometime soon... I have something nice to tell you :)

Ninjas said...

Something nice to tell me!?! Oh man that makes me so...excited and giddy! I want to know!!!

Brooke and Jonny said...

two posts talking about this awesome Christmas party? Man where was my invite???

KellieKae said...

That party was off the hook... So are you. Gideon is off the hook too.... He is beautiful!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

BOOOOO YEAHHHHHHH! Stop calling me Kat.