16 December 2011


the foliage and berries, used for decoration,
 especially during the Christmas season.

This year

I wanted to send out Christmas cards

Of me and Josh

Weird huh?

We don't even have a kid or an animal that we want to show people

I just wanted my really talented sister-in-law to take pictures of us

But I was trying to wait for snow

...and it never came....

So I didn't send them out

Or even get them taken

And feel pretty sad

I even bought Josh a present to make him cooperate


But if I did send out a Christmas card?

It would be this:

Pure. Gold. 

Josh showed this picture to a girl in our primary class and she said,

"Wow. That is so sad."

She is in 3rd grade and she is too cool for the elf pajama suit

I felt ridiculous--She keeps it real


Here is the Farley's Christmas card this year:

Christmas is in 9 days

Think about it and get pumped



Witter and Kway said...

You have bangs. It is freaking adorable! Also, I miss you :)

Kelli K. said...

you look so much like your Mom in that Christmas card picture!! cute! (love my dr.)


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Whaat? Why would that girl say our pic is sad? Is it my frightening, disgusting face? Or is it all the Utah Ute crap? My vote is the latter. It really is sad.
Hags (have a good summer)

Rachael said...

What a cute card, I love your bangs, btw!