07 December 2011


cheerfully festive or convivial;
in good spirits; merry.

My Christmas tree has been up since 
Before Thanksgiving

(yeah...I am one of those)

I made the mistake of shopping on Black Friday

I have wrapped gifts under my tree

I've gotten Barenaked for the Holidays

I've had lots of gingerbread tea

I watched A Very Sunny Christmas last night

And I have made a wish list

I know I should have posted this earlier

But? Josh? 

I am sure you haven't finished shopping...

So, here are some things I wouldn't hate to have under our tree:

(or anything like this)

(I know this is too expensive...but my mom sometimes reads the blog)

Mine is almost gone

I can help you with this one
Anything from Sephora is good though

I like the red, yellow, orange, and grey

I'll never turn down clothes either
And I love when YOU pick out my clothes
Weird, huh?




Chris and Brooklyn said...

How cute are those pillows!!

Rachael said...

I'm with you on the hair straightener! I've been drooling over getting one of those for a long while now...

KellieKae said...

Very helpful. Thanks girl.