13 October 2010


out of the right or proper course, order, or condition;
 improperly, wrongly, astray.

Have you ever had one of those days where something is wrong

You can feel it within the center of your being

You are upset but you cannot remember why

You think about other things but you always find yourself

focused back on the feeling that

Something is off

...But what is it?

You start going over every aspect of your life:

Things with the husband are great

Everything is good with the family

Nothing is different with friends

You are on top of your church callings

You have paid all of the bills on time

The house is in order

You are keeping up with your school work...

...Then it hits you...

You remember exactly what is giving you those

uncomfortable, discontent feelings--

The thing that is making you feel uneasy

about life as a whole

And upon remembering, you realize that

These feelings you are having are justified


 Once you can place the feelings

You remember why they are

kicking and biting your conscience...

Today is one of those days for me

Yesterday was too

And everyday from here on will be one of those days

until I  resolve / deal with / conquer

my "thing"

1 comment:

Rachael said...

What's up with these vague posts?? Lol- it was good to see you for a second yesterday. I am sorry I didn't stay and chat but I was rushing around trying to get things done on time. I miss seeing you though we need to hang out FOR REAL. I'm pretty sure us and the hubbies were meant to be GREAT friends. Love ya girly!