07 October 2010


the quality, production, expression, or realm,
 according to aesthetic principles,
 of what is beautiful, appealing,
 or of more than ordinary significance.

What did your mother do over conference weekend?

Mine received inspiration to create

the following piece of art:

Maybe it is wrong to appreciate--nay, admire a painting of myself

Maybe I feel a little self-indulgent

Maybe it is dishonorable to love this painting...

But I do

Because my mom created it


My mom has style / talent / flair

She is going back to her roots

and painting again

I hope she continues to awe me with new pieces

Stay tuned



Rachael said...

That is awesome! It's beautiful!

Spencer & Cara said...

Your momma is one talented lady! Love it! One day I'll be that good.....

Ninjas said...

I know your secret Cara...Don't play stupid with me. You are already amazing! How is my wedding gift coming anyway?