20 October 2010


A social dice game.

As mentioned in my previous post
I hosted Bunco this month
And apparently I'm the only one
Who does a blog post about Bunco?
But hey...We were dressed up
And I love my friends
...Most of them anyway
J/K Kate, I love you too.

We had dinner in a pumpkin with bread sticks
and um...some of us had broccoli too.
There is a nation-wide shortage on broccoli haven't you heard?
I had to pull some strings to get the
amount of broccoli that I had okay people?
 Be thankful.

Indoor S'mores.
My favorite.

The. Costumes.

Snapped while we were getting ready...
Is it hard to tell who we are?

I don't care if you dress up in the same costume
Every Halloween for the rest of your life.
This. Is. The. Bomb.

This pose is the second-best thing
that happened to me that night.

 They have babies in their tummies.
Both boys.
 In case you are curious.

Very timely costume Brooke
You know...with the release of Toy Story 3
Love it

She is posing as she imagines Satan himself would pose
Not trying to push one out... I assure you...

We can and we do

So were you guys plain (but sparkly) fairies?
I swear someone was calling Tawni Tropical?

This picture makes me feel funny inside.
I don't know why.
I just speak the truth...

And of course...the group photo
Special thanks to Mandie the photographer who didn't dress up.
Starting at the top left we have:
Mr. Kool Aid, Ecuador Soccer Stud, Grandma, Pumpkin,
 mad scientist, Polygamist, Devil,
Bottom left: Tropical fairy?, Fairy-fairy, We Can Do It Girl, Jessie

Halloween is fun
So are my friends



Kaley and Jeremy said...

Second-best thing for sure. I love me some Bunco.

Spencer & Cara said...

Including a specific someone that lives far far away???

I love you and your captions...

Your costume was bomb.


KellieKae said...

If i dress up will you do a special blog post just on my costume... I have been gone for the past 3 dress up parties. If I can get a guaranteed blog post I'll do it... and I might even walk into your neighbors house with my costume on if it is a long post.

Rachael said...

I always love reading your posts. It looks like this night was SO much fun! I was laughing at almost all the pictures.. LOVE the costumes!

Jota and Corter said...

I looks like I am pinching out a little, red devil dukie! ha ha, love it! That was a blast! Thanks for hosting--and posting!


Ninjas said...

Cara--Of course I love my friend that lives not-that-far-away too! Lots.

Kellie--If I can bank on you walking into a strangers house while dressed up? Yes. You can have a LONG blog post. No question. I live for that stuff.

Cort--Your comment is hilarious. I laughed out loud. Nice.