18 October 2010


having a value beyond all price; invaluable
delightfully amusing or absurd

I hosted our Halloween-costume Bunco party this past week
And I was reminded why I love my friend Brittany
I mean yes, she is my friend and has a lot of amazing qualities
And these qualities place her in my circle of CLOSE friends
One of my favorite things about her is how absent-minded she can be--I cannot begin to explain
 the depth of her absent-mindedness
But I feel this story will give you an idea...

Since she had never before been to my place, we were on the phone
discussing how to get to my house
I waved to her from my back deck and told her
to come around to the front door

Moments later Critta comes rushing in the front door
with a look of worry on her face
She says, "I just walked into your neighbor's house."
S and company: What! You walked in??? (laughing our...butts off)
B: Yes...I walked right in the front door
S and company: (laughing) What happened!?!
 B: There was a bald guy holding a baby.
He just stared at me.
When I started talking he gave me a really funny look.
  Then his wife came around the corner.
 I was so flustered and embarrassed I wasn't making sense.
 I was asking where Shanae and Josh lived.
The husband had no clue
but the wife told me you guys were just next door.
 I apologized and got out of there.

If you know Brittany, then this story is that much better
I laughed myself to tears.
The best part is...she was dressed like this:

Since my neighbors had no clue
 what was going on at my house that night
I can't image what they were thinking
 when she showed up in their front room
She really could have passed for a grandma...
until she started talking--her young voice must have confused
my nice / new / friendly neighbors
who will probably start locking their front door

I love you Brittany
Thank you so much for being in my life
for so many years
You have made the ride much more enjoyable


stay tuned for more bunco pictures


Rachael said...

HAHA! Oh my that is hilarious! I wish I could have seen that!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Ah yes, Brittany, our "special child".

Kelli & Brandon Knight said...

ohhh my!!!! I LOVE IT!