28 October 2010


beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established
exceptional in character
remarkable; rare.

I need to tell you about a boy.
A boy named Josh.
But this isn't my Josh.
Not even my brother-in-law Josh.
This Josh is young.
Red-headed and freckled.
This boy is Little Josh from our Sunday school class.
Like my Josh, he is smart / funny / cool.
He just turned 12 but I swear his mind is much older.
I didn't know I could love a kid
that was a stranger to me a few weeks earlier.
A stranger who drove me batty.
Our first time teaching the class
Little Josh was being crazy.
Out of control crazy.
He wouldn't sit still, wouldn't stop asking about candy.
I was annoyed with him. 
I wanted to throw the candy at him.
Piece by piece.
I am completely unfamiliar with 11 and 12 year olds.
I don't know how to handle them.
Little Josh talked over everyone.
He wasn't listening to my Josh and that irritated me.
Frustrated me.
But then...Out of nowhere, he raised his hand.
The class went quiet.
I was taken aback.
My Josh called on him...

My Josh: Yes, Josh?

Little J: Are you The Ultimate Ninja Warrior?

(Josh and I looked at each other with surprise and excitement as grins crept onto our faces)

My Josh: Yes. Yes, I believe I am.

I was insanely jealous.
Little Josh just titled my Josh
The Ultimate Ninja Warrior.
I can't think of something cooler than that.
That is when I knew...
When I knew that Little Josh was special.
That is when he became my favorite.
...I mean I don't have favorites.

And guess what?
I think the Big Man did that for me.
He knew I was feeling irked by Little Josh.
So He helped me out.
He showed me that I needed to change my attitude.
So I changed it right away.
I started to appreciate Little Josh and love him.
And over the next couple weeks a crazy thing happened...
Little Josh turned into the best boy in the class.
And I turned into someone I never thought I'd be.
Never wanted to be.
I am the teacher who wants to get up in Sacrament
and tell everyone how much I love my calling and my kids.
I want to cry when I think about not having them next year.
I love them like family.
I want to hug them and hang out with them.
I want them to like me.
I am completely unfamiliar with these feelings.
And I don't know how to handle them.  


Rachael said...

That's AWESOME! It's the best feeling ever when you love your church calling and feel rewarded from it!

Jota and Corter said...

Favorite post of all time!! (and it didn't even have a picture!)

The Spencer Farley himself said...

ew, red hair and freckles? this goes against everything you've ever told me

Ninjas said...

I have freckles...and I currently have a red tint to my hair...There is the rule--and the exception. You, Spencer, happen to be an exception to one of my rules yourself. Normally I don't like people who drop their pants in front of my family. But I like you...don't I?