05 October 2010


creating sudden alarm, surprise, or wonder;

The things you have heard about this book are true
I assure you
I heard so many mixed reviews of this
sick and beautifully twisted book
 & I must say that I am in love...
Yes, it is dark and wicked at times
But I can handle that
Now and again
Everything cannot always be peace, love, and popsicles
Ah...Stieg Larsson was one disturbed man
And I am tangled in his alarming trilogy
I cannot wait to start the next one...


KellieKae said...

Now that you have read it yourself, I need to know... Do i read it? I need a good read for Hawaii. What do I do?

Brooke and Jonny said...

I'm excited to read it now that you say you love it so so much!

Kelli & Brandon Knight said...

One of my absolute favorites. Glad you liked it too!! I am always nervous to recommend twisted books to people!! hahaha